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Well this is terrifying.


It’s what I’ve been trying to say, people speak to you about ferguson about Brazil about Ukraine but venezuela is also going through a harsh dictatorship, young students are been murdered by the military authorities and police, the media has shut down all of this and tumbrl hasn’t been of much help everytime there is a post about venezuela it gets so little notes like it’s not important and it’s been going on for the longest time , everyday we go through violence, there’s murders and Robbery on the streets at every turn, robberies murders and rape INSIDE college walls. People can’t study the career the want for their future because you have to pick “the safest college” and that’s the one where you’ll just get mugged and not raped or murdered, there’s no food in the supermarkets and we have daily light and water rationing everyday the front page of ALL the news papers are MURDERS or RAPE or MINOR ABUSE but nobody tells you about us, and if you think we’re not important, FUCK YOU
Sorry if you find the tagging disrespectful, but it’s the only way this will be heard, I’m tired of my country’s situation being ignored

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this is my country, we have the highest inflation in the world(nearly 100%) the lowest currency in the world (27$ of minimum wage) and they DARE to still call this system ”socialism” of course media doesn’t know abut this because they won’t let any *~*~Imperialist~*~* news reports to enter the country, i had to leave because i couldn’t study there, my famil is still there struggling to buy food because THE MARKETS ARE EMPTY, I’m TIRED of this happening and not being noticed, a lot of students went to jail during protests and they’re still there, Leopoldo Lopez is still in jail for no logical reason, they killed a lot of our friends, MY friends in the country are TOO SCARED TO GO OUT AT 8 PM BECAUSE THEY COULD GET ROBBED, KILLED OR RAPED, SPREAD THIS POST SO PEOPLE NOTICE

venezuela? a dictatorship!? hahaha holy FUCK

We are also going under rules in the supermarket, we are not allowed to get more than 2 or 3 wraps of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, tuna, mayonnaise, coffee, etc. People is fighting each other with knifes, guns, whatever just to get FOOD TO THEIR KIDS. TO THEIR FAMILY. There are no diapers, babies are literally shitting themselves. My grandmother is sewing diapers to one of my little cousins just because we cannot find diapers anywhere. There are shoots everywhere, you cannot be out of your house before 6pm because you may get killed or kidnapped or raped. It’s sad, it pisses me off how we don’t get the same attention Ferguson, Ukrain, and others are getting. We are going through horrifying issues right now. VENEZUELA IS UNDER THE POWER OF MEN WHO DO NOT CARE ABOUT OUR EDUCATION, IF WE EAT OR NOT, IF OUR BABIES AND KIDS GET THEIR DIAPERS AND CLOTHES, AS LONG AS THEY GET THEIR OWN NICE CUP OF COFFEE AND DIRECTV IN THEIR HOUSE EVERYTHING IS FINE.

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this is so important and i beg all of you don’t just scroll past this like it’s nothing

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